eOde has a more than 20 years experience in the evaluation and management of contaminated sites, in France and above all in Switzerland, on both the regulatory and technical questions.

eOde focuses on the development of new techniques and methodologies for site characterization improvement and easier management of site redevelopment.  eOde is indeed involved in several applied research projects, with multiple purposes, such as :

  • In metrology, assessing the benefits of intergrative passive samplers, passive flux meters and multilevel samplers
  • In environmental forensics, testing double GC and isotopic ratios analyses to define chemical signatures of contamination
  • En regulation, defining tailored approaches to assess the need of monitoring or clean-up of contaminated sites implemented in karst environments.

eOde provides expert judgments to the Authorities (Cantons, Confederation), and supports the consulting offices in the execution of investigation studies and remediation plans.

In June 2017, eOde and Institut Géotechnique signed an agreement allowing them to collaborate for OSites investigations of contaminated sites and to provide mutual support in their respective areas of expertise (i.e.geotechnics, geostatistics).




Consulting offices, project owners, public agencies

  • Scientific, technical and regulatory support and advice
  • Supervision and coordination of complex projects
  • Development of non-standard technical and methodological solutions
  • Applied research projects
  • Strategy of development in the domain of activity

Contaminated sites owners, architects, planners, attorneys

  • Advice and coaching of individuals and firms faced to contaminated sites management in the frameworks of sale, buying, building or planning projects
  • Training and information events