eOde has a more than 30 years experience in the evaluation and management of contaminated sites, in France and in Switzerland, on both the regulatory and technical questions. Since 2017, eOde is also requested on both countries for developing methodologies and maps related to chemical quality of urban soils.

In Switzerland, eOde supports project owners in global management of a set of polluted sites, follow-up and expertise of polluted sites, as well as in consultation procedures for investigations, monitoring or remediation projects.

In France and Switzerland on request, eOde carries out prospective studies on innovative themes, or initiates projects to test or develop new technologies likely to improve the characterisation and monitoring of polluted sites and anthropised urban soils.




Consulting offices, project owners, public agencies

  • Scientific, technical and regulatory support and advice
  • Supervision and coordination of complex projects
  • Development of non-standard technical and methodological solutions
  • Applied research projects
  • Strategy of development in the domain of activity

Contaminated sites owners, architects, planners, attorneys

  • Advice and coaching of individuals and firms faced to contaminated sites management in the frameworks of sale, buying, building or planning projects
  • Training and information events