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Emerging pollutants: only PFAS ?

In recent years, professionals working with polluted sites and soils have been concerned with “emerging pollutants”, substances that are not yet regulated, although they are often already known, and which are the subject of a recent awareness of the threat they pose to humans and their environment. Analytical capacities have indeed progressed, as has [...]

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We assist project owners in the management of polluted sites and soils

For many years we have been supporting project owners in the execution of their tasks. As BAMO, we support them throughout their project as competent experts in the field of polluted sites and soils. We complement the skills and availability of the project owner, for technical expertise or to ensure the management of projects, [...]

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Technical Day ADEME – RECORD in Paris, 23 January 2019 on geostatistics applied to polluted sites

eOde is involved in preparing the full-day program and will introduce this Technical Day with Nicolas Jeannée. eOde was also involved in the writing of the Research ADEME newsletter (n°25 December 2018) dedicated to geostatistics applied to polluted soils.

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Short course in Copenhague, 3 September 2018 in the context of the NORDROCS conference on contaminated sites

On September 3 2018, eOde organised an introductive short course on geostatistics applied to contaminated sites with the companies DMR and Geovariances, in the context of the nordic meeting on contaminated sites NORDROCS. Around 30 persons involved in the management and remediation of contaminated sites in Danemark, Norway, Sweden and Finland attended the seminar. [...]

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Involvement of Sonia Tarnawski in carrying out anaerobic biolodegradation tests on a site contaminated with chorinated hydrocarbons

From July to September 2018,  the freelance consultant expert in environmental microbiology Sonia Tarnawski, made assays for eOde to assess the potential of biodegradation of chlorinated compounds in a contaminated site, at the in situ remediation pilot scaling stage. Various substrates were tested on groundwater and solid matrix samples from the  chloroethene-contaminated site, to [...]

Radon and indoor air quality measurements : eOde is implied in the JURAD-BAT Interreg project

eOde is implied in the european JURAD-BAT Interreg  project, in collaboration with the HEIA-Fribourg (TRANSFORM institute), on behalf of the Federal office of public health (Radioprotection section). Started in 2016, this french-swiss project  aims at better managing the risk of radon and indoor air quality in the new buildings and during energy retrofits. In this [...]

End of the CHLOROKARST project with the Conference “Polluted sites on karst aquifers” in Neuchâtel, 28 June 2018, and the publication of 2 documents by the FOEN

The CHLOROKARST project comes to an end with the Conference "Polluted sites on karst aquifers" organised by the CHYN for the FOEN on 28 June, and the publication by the FOEN of the guide "Assessment of polluted sites in karst environment", as well as the expert report "Investigation tools for polluted sites in karst [...]

The benefits of geostatistics for contaminated sites and soils. Talk at the 10th Chloronet technical day in Soleure, 24 November 2017 and at the AFITE symposium in Paris, 5 December 2017

In partnership with Soleo Services, eOde will present the conditions for geostatistically assessing the effectiveness of an in situ thermal desorption of a chlorinated hydrocarbons contaminated site, at the annual Chloronet technical day organized by the FOEN. The benefits of geostatistics for assessing and reducing costs of contaminated sites remediation will be shown at [...]

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UPDS Mag 2 of June 2017 – eOde – Geovariances – Record paper about the reliability of the predicted amounts of soils requiring remediation

How to reduce the gap between predictions of the amounts of soil requiring remediation - at the diagnostic stage - and those that are actually cleaned up at the remediation stage? This is the main issue that professionals have to face in a large number of brownfields regeneration projects. A study was funded by the [...]

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Monitoring of 17 karst springs with passive samplers – Talk at the Intersol conference in Lyon, 16 March 2017, and at the Aquaconsoil conference in Lyon, 28 June 2017

eOde will present the results of passive sampling of 17 springs in the Jura region, at the Intersol conference in Lyon, on 16 March 2017 and at the Aquaconsoil conference in Lyon, on 28 June 2017. Sorbicell passive samplers were exposed during 2 months-periods in karst springs, that are supposed to be hydraulically connected [...]

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