eOde is attending the REMTECH EUROPE 2021 conference

eOde is pleased to attend the international REMTECH conference on September 21, 2021! iFLUX and eOde will present chlorinated ethenes mass flux measurements and mass discharge estimated from a high resolution characterization of a contaminated site in a contrasting hydrogeological context. The USEPA considers that High-resolution site characterization (HRSC) is one of the promising [...]

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Presentation on the microbiology of polluted sites at the CAS SIPOL – 23 October 2020 in Neuchâtel

Sonia Tarnawski spoke on October 23rd 2020 in the SIPOL CAS. She presented the conditions for using microbiology to assess the remediation potential of a site by biostimulation or natural attenuation. Her presentation was illustrated by the case of a former watchmaking site contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons in the canton of Jura.      

Practical training in installation of integrative passive samplers to analyse karst springs – September 15th and 29th 2020

eOde organized a practical training on the installation of passive samplers in karst springs on September 15 and 29, 2020 in Neuchâtel. The training was supported by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and could be integrated into the preparation of the SIPOL CAS as an "external course". A practical manual for the [...]

Involvement of Sonia Tarnawski in carrying out anaerobic biolodegradation tests on a site contaminated with chorinated hydrocarbons

From July to September 2018,  the freelance consultant expert in environmental microbiology Sonia Tarnawski, made assays for eOde to assess the potential of biodegradation of chlorinated compounds in a contaminated site, at the in situ remediation pilot scaling stage. Various substrates were tested on groundwater and solid matrix samples from the  chloroethene-contaminated site, to [...]

Radon and indoor air quality measurements : eOde is implied in the JURAD-BAT Interreg project

eOde is implied in the european JURAD-BAT Interreg  project, in collaboration with the HEIA-Fribourg (TRANSFORM institute), on behalf of the Federal office of public health (Radioprotection section). Started in 2016, this french-swiss project  aims at better managing the risk of radon and indoor air quality in the new buildings and during energy retrofits. In this [...]

End of the CHLOROKARST project with the Conference “Polluted sites on karst aquifers” in Neuchâtel, 28 June 2018, and the publication of 2 documents by the FOEN

The CHLOROKARST project comes to an end with the Conference "Polluted sites on karst aquifers" organised by the CHYN for the FOEN on 28 June, and the publication by the FOEN of the guide "Assessment of polluted sites in karst environment", as well as the expert report "Investigation tools for polluted sites in karst [...]

Monitoring of 17 karst springs with passive samplers – Talk at the Intersol conference in Lyon, 16 March 2017, and at the Aquaconsoil conference in Lyon, 28 June 2017

eOde will present the results of passive sampling of 17 springs in the Jura region, at the Intersol conference in Lyon, on 16 March 2017 and at the Aquaconsoil conference in Lyon, on 28 June 2017. Sorbicell passive samplers were exposed during 2 months-periods in karst springs, that are supposed to be hydraulically connected [...]

eOde is active at the Eurokarst 2016 conference (RTS 1 television programme dedicated to Chlorokarst)

eOde participes in Eurokarst 2016, the european conference on karst organized by the University of   Neuchâtel, with: September 4th - Field metrology workshop Presentation of the possibilities brought by the integrative passive samplers to detect contaminants in karst media September 7th - Oral Presentation Integrative passive samplers to detect chlorinated hydrocarbons contamination in [...]

Chlorokarst Project – Assessing contaminated sites in karst – Project mentioned in the OFEV Environnement magazine n°4 2015

The "Environnement" magazine of the OFEV mentions the Chlorokarst project in late 2015. Progress of the project and first results obtained with passive samplers were presented by eOde and MFR on November 26 2015, at the 8th Chloronet day, in Soleure. More details on Chlorokarst here.

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4th french exchange days on June 18 and 19, 2015 in Geneva

The 4th french exchange days on contaminated sites and soils were held on June 18 and 19, 2015 in Geneva. This event was organized both by the GESDEC, the L'Ucie association and the OFEV. Hélène Demougeot-Renard was invited to speak on the topic "Site contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons - Assessing the potential of natural biodegradation [...]

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