For many years we have been supporting project owners in the execution of their tasks. As BAMO, we support them throughout their project as competent experts in the field of polluted sites and soils. We complement the skills and availability of the project owner, for technical expertise or to ensure the management of projects, costs and deadlines.

Since 2019, we support the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites in the Neuchâtel region. In 2020 and 2021, we supported the canton of Vaud in the assessment of the risk level and the prioritization of OSite investigations of sites of their cadastre of polluted sites. Since 2021, we have been supporting the canton of Bern in a project to remediate polluted soils in the Bernese Jura.

The tasks we perform in this context are diverse. It is as much about the work of a project manager in close collaboration with the contracting authority, as about administrative assistance or even study in a decision-making process. For example, during the year 2021, we have organized and conducted, on behalf of the canton of Bern, a campaign of analysis of vegetables from kitchen gardens in plots polluted above the investigation thresholds indicated in Annex 1 of the OSol. The study concluded that the consumption of vegetables from these gardens is not harmful to health.

Information from the Canton of Bern on soil pollution in Reconvilier and Loveresse

Information from Canal Alpha of December 8, 2021 on the results of the analysis of vegetables grown in Reconvilier and Boveresse