eOde perfomed in 2015 a study for the RECORD association in partnership with Geovariances. It consisted of comparing the volumes of soil estimated at the end of the investigation stage, to the really excavated polluted volumes recorded at the end of a cleanup process, for 23 real case studies. The purpose was to identify the estimation methods and the rules of good practice that lead to the smallest differences between the investigation estimations and the cleanup results. The results of the study were assessed and discussed on September 17 2015 in Lyon, in the framework of a seminar with about twenty experts. The final report was delivered at the RECORD association on February 2016. The results will be presented at the RECORD day, on September 29 2016 in Paris, and at the Pollutec exhibition, site and soil village, on December 1 2016 in Lyon. Results were already presented at the Axelera technical day “securing remediation projects”, on April 4 2016 in Lyon, and at the workshop “Turning failure into success – What can we learn when remediation does not go as planned?” organized by the NICOLE european network, from June 15 to 17 in Vienna. A synthesis of the study can be downloaded from the RECORD association website (photo (c) Ivan Kruk Actu-Environnement).